Welcome to Halby Hair Transplant

Dr. Halby – after he had his hair restored.

Welcome to Halby Hair Transplant website that was created to educate you on hair restoration and to let you know who we are. Thanks to recent advances in technology and equipment, a natural look can be achieved for most individuals losing hair of the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows, producing excellent results impossible only a few years ago.

A well trained surgeon is able to replace literally single hair follicles, replicating prior hair growth in a totally undetectable manner. In other words your hair can be made to look like you used to look when you were younger with more hair. As these advanced procedures have been accepted and learned by the best surgeons of the United States and of the world, it has become very popular and now is the number one surgical cosmetic procedure done on men.

The techniques have improved immensely since the old days of visible “plugs”, corn row-like grafts, noticeable scarring of the donor site area, and unsightly scalp reduction surgeries. By using the newer techniques with smaller grafts and smaller recipient incision sites, there is less surgical invasiveness.

When it is performed properly in the hands of a well-trained surgeon it looks like natural hair. The hair is your own hair: The hair grows like your own hair. You can go swimming and wet it, let the wind muss it, wash it, curl it, and perm it.

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