Laser Hair Therapy

Hair loss, for millions, is an unfortunate inevitability… However for most, it is also unnecessary and entirely preventable!

There is a bit of science behind every product ever invented. Science is based on fact, and facts are by definition, real. Aspita Science, Inc. combined a great deal of real science with proven, cutting-edge technology to create and develop the iGrow; the world’s most innovative, convenient and effective hands-free, in-home hair growth system.

Safe and effective, the iGrow is a revolutionary, in-home hair growth system that provides full scalp coverage. It is fully portable, simple to use and requires no manual movement. iGrow incorporates Aspira Science’s proprietary dual light Laser and LED design.


I am pleased to announce the launch of LaserCap™ at Halby Hair Transplant. LaserCap™ is a portable, home device, which uses Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to treat male and female pattern hair loss. It is safe and easy to use and fits in any cap. It is currently the most efficacious way to undergo Low Level Laser Light Therapy for hair growth and is the only completely portable, discrete and nearly 100% patient compliant device.

LaserCap™ has 224 low level laser lights built inside a flexible, hermetically sealed dome shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat and is powered by a small belt clip battery pack. It delivers 10X more power than the leading device, provides optimal dosage as its hits the entire scalp consistently and is as easy to use as wearing a hat. This also makes LaserCap™ portable and discreet. 


It was developed by co-inventors Michael Rabin, MD and M.I.T.-trained optical physicist David Smith, PhD, in collaboration with Harvard-based photomedicine expert Michael Hamblin, PhD and internationally acclaimed hair restoration physician Robert Haber, MD.  It is not only good for people losing their hair or with thinning hair, but is also good for people after hair transplants to maintain their existing hair.

It’s good for anyone who is experiencing some hair thinning. It works well with other hair loss treatments such as Minoxidil and Propecia, and hair transplants as well.

Patient Benefits

  • Portable hands free and discreet

  • Convenient- as simple as wearing a hat

  • Optimal Power – 10X more powerful than leading home device

  • Compatible with other hair loss therapies

“I believe that the LaserCap™ is the most convenient device for delivering the light to the scalp as it does not require active combing but it is still a home-use device contrasted with the hairdryer-like-hood. ”

– Michael Hamblin, PHD, Harvard Photo medicine Expert,LaserCap™ Science Advisor

LaserCap™ is available by Physician Only. To find out more on your hair loss solutions or on LaserCap™, call us at (702) 258-6229 or (702) 376-1445

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