Our Approach

At this clinic the patient is given much more time with the doctor than 99.9% of all other clinics. The transplant patient is viewed as a very important patient, rather than a client. We are not a high patient volume office; no assembly lines. The patient consultation (1st visit), follow-up after surgery (3rd visit), and removal-of-stitches (4th visit) are always provided by the physician (Dr. Halby) who did the surgery, not a sales associate or a nurse. The doctor spends as much time as needed to assess the patient’s hair problem and explain the treatment options.

The doctor prides himself on being very involved with all aspects of a patient’s treatment and surgery. Dr. Halby performs only one surgery per day and does only one surgery at a time; therefore all of his attention is devoted to doing a high quality job. He is not like many surgeons who perform 2 or 3 surgeries at the same time; therefore they are side tracked into doing a poor job.

The doctor performs all the surgery himself: design the hairline, remove and suture the donor strip, and make the recipient hair graft sites. He utilizes experienced hair transplant technicians, who assist with surgery, cut and sliver the graphs under a microscope, and help the doctor place the graphs.

Dr. Halby doing surgery.

The doctor prepping patient for surgery while patient is on his cellphone.

The waiting room.

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