Temple Transplantation

After doing so many temple transplantation patients over the years this is my forte. If you are talking about the “temples” you are talking about the hair that is above and in front of the ears. See sketch and my patient’s before and after photos below.

He had work done at the frontal hairline, temporal points, temporal scalp, and sideburns. Transplanting the temples should only be done if there is plenty of donor hair and if the age of the patient is considered.

Other factors that need consideration are hair angles, transition zones, caliber and texture of donor hair, shape of temporal points, etc. Restoration of this area is very pleasing if the patient is properly selected. If the physician is moving the frontal hairline forward very much then it needs to be balanced with fuller temple transplantation.

In other words if you advance the frontal hairline too much without doing the temples then the frontal hairline will look like a ‘lid’, or like a toupee hair piece without temples. Transplanting the temples so that they look natural requires the doctor to have experience, an artistic eye, and knowledge of this area. Doing the temples can give the patient a real knockout, youthful look.

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